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A hard-boiled dimensional detective, a Princess and a robot embark on a curious adventure in search of Reality and The Meaning of Life.

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Indies Today Review - 5 Stars Out of 5


   Manny Levels knew trouble when he saw it, and he saw it when Princess Tierra De Arcana sashayed into his Dimensional Thinking Detective Agency. Drawn by her beauty, he took the job when she asked him to find answers to two questions: "What is Reality? And what is my place in it?"

   The investigation forces Manny, Tierra and their robot guide Lowenbee Hold to solve fantastic puzzles posed by mythos gods, savants and philosophers. Conquering their final challenge, the vast Labyrinth of Gates, allows them to enter The Academy of Analogy where they are exposed to the transcendent insights of a creature named Bandwidth.

   Metaphysics addresses fundamental concerns, and the story engages these concerns by disguising them as fabulous obstacles in the path toward a greater awareness.

   In keeping with the dimensional underpinnings of the story, it is possible for science fiction fans to see the book as metaphysical sci-fi, and for literary novel seekers to see the book as magical (or more accurately, dimensional) realism.

   With humor and a sense of adventure, Metaphysical Island illuminates the one universal principle that unites myth, art, philosophy, spirituality and science. If you find the sample chapter entertaining and maybe a little bit intriguing, welcome to the search for Bandwidth.

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