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Metaphysical Island
Indies Today 5 Star Review

Indies Today Review – Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

"Dimensional Detective Manny Levels is a true intergalactic sleuth. Dragons, werewolves, Illuminati conspiracies and the composition of dark matter are all within his purview. Ms. Tierra De Arcana, a self-appointed princess, glides into his office and gives Manny the biggest assignment of his career; to answer the not-so simple question, “What is reality?” With this vague mission in mind, Manny heads off to Metaphysical Island. Many have tried to find answers, but none have returned to tell. Will Manny become just another missing person?

If you’re looking for a few laughs on an otherwise profound subject, give this book a try. Metaphysical Island is bursting with humorous characters including a robot named Lowenbee Hold and a sassy receptionist named Astrid who goes by the nickname Legs. The chapters are divided into little adventures with deep implications. Manny, with his fancy hat and cheesy retorts, reminds me of Guy Noir from A Prairie Home Companion. The deepest questions of man are asked, mocked, and answered. “The Universe can be perceived as consisting solely of Ideas. What an Idea!” All the while, the reader is treated to a weird, wonderful, psychedelic ride.

Tony Giovia is a stand-up comedian mixed with a wordy college professor, given a pen instead of a mic or a lectern. If you enjoy a fanciful story that meanders to its destination but then really arrives with gusto, give Metaphysical Island a try!"

Nicky Flowers - Indies Today


"A Feast of Ideas...The author lures you in with wonderfully unique puzzles.... This is an intelligent book that I recommend to anyone who likes poking around in the hard questions of life." Joanna


"... an impressive satire of the dichotomy between science and philosophy. Manny is a hilarious gumshoe/cowboy... any person with a taste for large ideas will find a lot to like in this book."
James M. Hodges, Jr.


"This book keeps you thinking. Detective Manny Levels is hired to find out; about 'reality,' the simplest and most complex idea ever. The book takes a complex path as Manny and Ms. DeArcana do their searching. An unusual and absorbing book."   Angela Camack


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